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​​​Rodrigues Administration

​ ​​


Island Chief Executive​




Central Administration Building, Port Mathurin

Phone No: 831 1515

Fax No: 831 2128





Departmental Head




Chief Commissioner's Office

Mrs. Marie Christelle GRANDCOURT, Departmental Head

  • Education (Administration)
  • Cooperatives
  • Handicraft
  • Industrial Development
  • Trade, Commerce and Licensing
  • Vocational Training
  • State Land
  • Town & Country Planning

Antoinette Prudence Human Resource Development Centre


Phone No: 8315630/ 8314865






Mr. J. Carlo BOTSAR, Acting Departmental Head

  • Civil Aviation (Administration)
  • Marine Services (Administration)
  • Civil Status
  • Customs and Excise (Administration)
  • Judicial (Administration)
  • Meteorology (Administration)
  • Postal Services (Administration
  • Marine Parks
  • Water Resources

1st Floor

Mutual Aid Building

Port Mathurin

Phone No: 8321821/ 8321820


Deputy Chief Commissioner's Office

Mr. Louis Thomas GENAVE, Departmental Head

  • Infrastructure including Highways and Roads and Public Buildings and Utilities
  • Transport
  • Housing

Commission for Public Infrastructure, Baie Lascars, Rodrigues

Phone No : 8310675



Mr. Joseph Ah Leong CHANG SIOW, Acting Departmental Head

  • Environment
  • Community Development
Commission for Agriculture

Mr. Sivananda SOOPRAYEN, Departmental Head,

  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Food Production
  • Forestry
  • Plant & Animal Quarantine

Agricultural Headquarters, Citronelle

Phone No: 8324029/ 8324030

Commission for Health and Others


Miss Christiana PRUDENCE,  Acting Departmental Head

  • Health (Administration)
  • Social Security(Administration)
  • Fire Services
  • Prisons & Reforms Institutions (Administration)

MHC Building, Camp du Roi

Phone No: 8310888

Commission for women Affairs and Others

Mrs. Marie Arielle FRANCOIS, Departmental Head

  • Women's Affairs
  • Child Development
  • Family Welfare
  • Consumer Protection/ Price Fixing

Integrated Family Centre, Malabar

Phone No : 8324118

Commission for Tourism and Others

Mr. Jean Paul COLIN, Departmental Head

  • Tourism
  • Employment
  • Labour and Industrial Relations


2nd Floor, Alfred North Coombes Building,  Port Mathurin

Phone No : 8310830/ 8310831

Commission for Youth and Sports & others

Mrs. Pamela Devi SOOPRAYEN KWET-ON, Departmental Head

  • Youth & Sports
  • Arts and Culture
  • Museums, Archives, Historical Sites and Buildings
  • Library Services

1st Floor, Alfred North Coombes Building, Port Mathurin

Phone No:8310672