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 Rehabilitation Youth Centre

The Rehabilitation Youth Centre is governed by the Reform Institution Act and Juvenile Offenders Act. The Centre is now under the direction of the Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry of Defence and Rodrigues

and under the charge of the A.g Superintendent,  R.Y.C,  Mrs S.Kamanah.

​​​The Rehabilitation Youth Centre (Boys and Girls) is situated at Sir Francis Herchenroder Street, Beau-Bassin.

It caters for the detention and training of minors under the age of eighteen.

          ​Mrs P.Balgobin                  ​
Chairperson (Ex- Judge)​
   ​​       Mr V.Ramjunum                  
Secretary, RYC Board of Visitors (Ag.Senior Officer RYC)
          Mr. F.Moideen                   Ag. Deputy Commissioner of Probation and Aftercare, representative of Commissioner of Probation and Aftercare Service, Ministry of Social Security, N.S & R.I
          Mr. S. Surat
Chief Employment Officer, representative of the Ministry of Labour, Employment & Industrial Relations
          Mrs F.MoothiaYouth Officer, representative of the Ministry of Youth & Sports
          Ms A.TouventBoard member appointed by Minister
          Ms M.D.S.Rajiah
Woman Police Chief Inspector, Police Family Protection Unit, 9th Floor, Sterling House
          Mrs S. NahabooClinical Psychologist
          Mr D.RamdossBoard member appointed by Minister
         Mrs K.K.Mootoosamy
Board member appointed by Minister


 24 male officers and 20 female officers are posted at the Rehabilitation Youth Centre Boys and Girls respectively.

​​One psychologist each is posted at the Rehabilitation Youth Centre (boys and girls).​