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Police and Prison operative frameworks are being assessed, says Sir Anerood Jugnauth

Date: April 26, 2017


GIS - 26 April, 2017:  The strengths and weaknesses of the Police and Prison operative frameworks are currently being assessed with the aim of coming up with an Action Plan in the near future which will benchmark Mauritius with the most successful law and order models internationally.
This statement was made this morning by the Minister Mentor and Minister of Defense and Minister for Rodrigues, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, who was the Chief Guest at the Passing out Parade for 63 Prison Officers which was held at the Prison Training School in Beau Bassin.  Mauritius can learn from Singapore, a small island state which has faced most of the problems faced by Mauritius and which has found appropriate solutions, he said.
Speaking about drugs, Sir Anerood Jugnauth reiterated Government’s commitment to combat all forms of crime. He recalled that several measures have been initiated to fight the drug scourge, in particular reference to the ongoing Commission of Enquiry on drugs which aims to address the problem in an effective and forceful manner.
With regard to security in prisons, the Minister Mentor pointed out that the Prison Department has recently made acquisition of  12 sensitive mobile phone detectors and two additional sniffer dogs. Defective surveillance cameras in prison and detention centres are also being replaced and CCTV camera images are continuously being monitored to detect movements inside and in the vicinity of prisons, he said.
Addressing the new recruits, Sir Anerood Jugnauth congratulated the Trainee Prison Officers for having demonstrated physical dexterity and talent in passing through the intensely competitive recruitment process and gruelling training programme. Furthermore, he expressed confidence that the training and knowledge they have acquired will add value to the image of the Mauritius Prison Service which is geared towards more professionalism. He also urged the new recruits to exercise their skills and talent successfully in keeping detainees in safe and humane custody while assisting them to lead a lawful life upon release. 
He exhorted the recruits to perform their duty with sincerity and pride and cautioned them to always keep the department’s standards high. This career, he said, requires a high standard of honesty, moral integrity and sense of devotion as well as constant vigilance and discipline. Sir Anerood urged them to abide at all times to the Oath of allegiance they have taken to assume their responsibilities without fear and favour. He rejoiced that more women are joining the ranks of the Mauritius Prison Service. This, he said, reflects the culture of gender equality and affirms the capability of women working in difficult duties of law enforcement.
The Passing out Parade was followed by a presentation of medals to the best recruits. Medals were presented to the All Best Round Recruit from three batches in 2015 and 2016. The All Best Round Recruit medal for Batch 2015 was awarded to Jean Estel St Pierre; the Best All Round Recruit medal Batch 1/2016 to J. P Hubert; and the Best All Round Recruit Batch 2/2016 to Anusha Dhawal.
Training of New Recruits
In October 2015, 18 Trainee Male Prisons Officers joined the service; in May 2016, another batch of 24 Trainee Male Prisons Officers was recruited and in October 2016, a batch of 21 Women Trainee Prisons Officers was recruited.
During the course of their six-month intensive training at the Prison Training School, the recruits were exposed to basic prison duties, drill, and physical exercise. The training also covered new topics such as human rights, first aid, response to emergencies, prevention of suicide and self-harm, self defense, customer care, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, communication skills, listening and counselling techniques.
After successfully completing their training, the new recruits are assigned responsibilities to serve the community in the different prisons of the Republic of Mauritius, including Rodrigues. 
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